Boston Playwrights’ Theatre presents
Boston Theater Marathon XV
Plus The Warm-Up Laps
May 11 & 12

Boston Playwrights’ Theatre presents the 15th annual Boston Theater Marathon and the fifth year of The Warm-Up Laps on May 11 and 12 at the Stanford Calderwood Pavilion at the Boston Center for the Arts, 527 Tremont Street in Boston's South End.

Taking place on May 12, The Boston Theater Marathon features 53 ten-minute plays, by 54 New England playwrights, produced by 53 New England theaters in 10 hours. A full schedule follows below.

The Boston Theater Marathon has brought playwrights, directors and theaters together over the past 15 years in an effort to foster collaboration between artists and producers. Many playwrights have enjoyed full-length productions with collaborating theaters because of the relationship forged during the Boston Theater Marathon.

On May 11, The Warm-Up Laps will feature "Windowmen" by Steven Barkhimer at 12 p.m. (sponsored by SpeakEasy Stage Company), "Shelter" by Miranda Craigwell at 2 p.m. (sponsored by Huntington Theatre Company), and "Widow’s Walk" by Deirdre Girard at 4 p.m. (sponsored by Company One).

The Warm-Up Laps are presented in collaboration with The Boston Center for the Arts and their resident theaters in the Deane Rehearsal Hall at the Calderwood Pavilion and are free and open to the public.

All net proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the Theatre Community Benevolent Fund which provides financial support to theaters and theatre artists in times of need.

The Plays & The Playwrights of the Boston Theatre Marathon

"Saturday Matinee" by Allan Appel
"Cleavage" by Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich
"Violence" by Robert B. Boulrice
"Exorcism" by Alan Brody
"Gun Play" by Robert Brustein
"Rocky Road" by Elisabeth Burdick
"Solitaire" by Andrea Fleck Clardy
"Twilight (Years)" by Mary Conroy
"Dreams" by Sean H. Crawford
"The Interview" by Brandon M. Crose
"Sliding" by Charlene Donaghy
"On the Ward" by William Donnelly
"Spitzer Yaw" by Charles Draghi
"Curse the Darkness" by Patrick Gabridge
"Skirting the Issue" by Gary Garrison
"For the Love of Egon" by Hortense Gerardo
"Hard Luck" by Joe Godfrey
"Launching" by Nancy Lucia Hoffman
"Virtual Alex" by Israel Horovitz
"New Year" by David L. Hudacek
"Red Drink" by Obehi Janice
"Stainless: A Love Story" by Ben Jolivet
"The Chapel Play" by Lila Rose Kaplan
"Tattoo You" by Lisa Kenner
"Even If" by Terrence Kidd
"The Nice Hotel" by John Kuntz
"Lost in Thought" by Christopher Lockheardt
"The Quiz" by K. Alexa Mavromatis
"Magi" by James McLindon
"Out of Bounds" by Charles Munitz
"Return of the Curse" by Jack Neary
"Boyfriend" by Ronan Noone
"Skunky" by Julian Olf
"From Your Mouth to God’s Ears" by Rick Park
"Harbor Lights" by Michael S. Parsons
"No More Hog Jowls" by Candace Perry
"Lapse" by Gail Phaneuf
"Remembering Elizabeth" by Jack Rushton
"Stellas" by Barbara Schweitzer
"Bad Dogs and Best Friends" by Phil Schroeder
"Just Like Tetraphobia" by Cassie M. Seinuk
"Mary Durning’s Soup and Other Cultural Divides" by Jane Denitz Smith
"How Things Work" by Lindsay Soson
"Humorless" by David Susman
"Precious Little Things" by Julia Specht
"The Contender" by Michael Towers
"New American Sweethearts" by Michael Trottier
"Last Flight Out" by Sinan Ünel
"White Hole" by Joyce Van Dyke
"The Numbers Never Lie" by Michael Wartofsky/Wesley Savick
"Ask Me Something Cool" by Cait Weisensee
"Drive" by James Wilkinson
"The One" by Sheri Wilner

The plays The Boston Theater Marathon of are chosen from more than 400 entries from New England playwrights. The selected plays are produced by New England Theatre companies who donate their time to this event. Generously supported over the years by the Center for the Humanities at Boston University and by individual donations, the BTM gives net proceeds to the Theatre Community Benevolent Fund, an organization helping area theatre artists and companies in crisis.

In 2009, thanks to a new association with the Boston Center for the Arts, the BTM expanded to include a Saturday of full-length play readings. In addition to its charitable goals, the BTM matches playwrights with theatre companies, introduces patrons to the diversity of Boston playwriting and the theatre scene, and provides a showcase for the entire theatre community.

In 2000, the BTM received a special Elliot Norton Award from the Boston Theatre Critics Association for "Enlivening Local Theatre."

The Theatre Community Benevolent Fund (TCBF) is a non-profit theatre community organization administered by StageSource for the benefit of its individual and organizational members and the theatre artists who are or have been employed by those organizations who face dire need and require financial assistance. TCBF provides financial relief in a confidential, respectful manner to individual and organizations facing extreme illness, catastrophic acts of nature, and other events such as vandalism/theft, and who have limited or no resources with which to handle such occurrences.

Founded in 1981 at Boston University by Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott, Boston Playwrights' Theatre is an award-winning professional theatre dedicated to new works.

Tickets to the Warm Up Laps are free; seating is limited and based upon availability. Tickets for the Marathon are $25 tickets in advance and $35 at the door. An all-day pass allows patrons to come and go as they please. For tickets or information, call 617-933-8600 or visit

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