Boston Playwrights’ Theatre presents
Boston Theater Marathon XII On May 23

Warm-Up Laps Featured on May 22

Boston Playwrights’ Theatre will present the 12th annual Boston Theater Marathon on Sunday, May 23. The day-long event features 50 ten-minute plays by 51 New England playwrights, produced by 50 New England theatres in 10 hours.

The Boston Theater Marathon has brought playwrights, directors and theaters together for the past 12 years in an effort to foster collaboration between artists and producers. Many playwrights have subsequently enjoyed full-length productions with collaborating theaters because of the relationship forged during the Boston Theater Marathon.

On May 22, BPT will offer the second year of The Warm-Up Laps, presented in collaboration with The Boston Center for the Arts and their resident theatres. Warm-Up Lap performances are free and open to the public; no reservations are necessary.

The Warm-Up Laps schedule includes:

"A Live Dress" by Martha Jane Kaufman --1 p.m.
"The Baptisms of St. Genesius" by Richard Snee -- 4 p.m.
"The Gift Horse" by Lydia Diamond -- 7 p.m.

All net proceeds from the sale of tickets to the Marathon will benefit the Theatre Community Benevolent Fund which provides financial support to theatres and theatre artists in times of need.

All performances will take place at the Stanford Calderwood Pavilion at the Boston Center for the Arts, located at 527 Tremont Street in Boston.

Marathon Plays, Playwrights and Theatres to be featured include:

"Don’t Pick Your Nose" by Amy Adler, Boston Children’s Theatre
"No Parking" by Ray Arsenault, Merrimack Theatre Company
"A Lion in the Streets" by Jeanne Beckwith, Shakespeare & Co.
"We Wait" by Sean David Bennett, Actors’ Studio Of Newburyport
"Bethena" by George Brant, Blackburn Performing Arts
"Kosher Kop" by Robert Brustein, American Repertory Theatre
"Movement Two" by Ed Bullins, Roxbury Crossroads Theatre
"Make it a Good One" by Elisabeth Burdick, Image Theatre
"Color Coordination" by Benjamin Conrick, Emerson Stage
"Strangers on a Playground" by William Donnelly, Mill 6 Collaborative
"Ladies in Hats" by Mark Edwards, Nora Theatre Company
"Fishbowl" by Christine Evans, Publick Theatre,
"In the Absence of Words" by Skylar Fox, New Repertory Theatre
"Confirmed Sighting" by Patrick Gabridge, Fort Point Channel
"Dump" by Gary Garrison, New Exhibition Room
"The Committee" by Jim Gordon, Turtle Lane Playhouse
"Dream City Limits" by Michael Gracia, Our Place Theatre Company
"Hygiene" by Gregory Hischak, Speakeasy Stage Company
"2nd Violin" by Israel Horovitz, Gloucester Stage Co. & Barefoot Theatre Co.
"I Am Profound" by Amanda Hurlburt, Lau Lapides Company
"Flesh" by Holly L. Jensen, Centastage
"In the Gray Zone" by Paul Kahn, Fortymagnolias Productions
"Rosie’s Things" by Janet Kenney, Holland Productions
"The Driving Force" by Jenny Lecce, Boston College Dept. Of Theatre
"Bad Santa" by Melinda Lopez & Maxine Lopez-Keough, Theatre On Fire
"After Hours Stan" by Martyna Majok, Boston Actors Theater
"Tricia and Tony" by George Matry Masselam, Playwrights’ Platform
"Diagnosis" by Leah Maxwell, Underground Railway Theater
"Two Socks Discuss Loss" by Walt McGough, The Performance Lab
"It’s the Jews" by John Minigan, Actors’ Shakespeare Project
"All in My Mind" by Mwalim *7, New Urban Theatre Lab
"Cell Promotion" by Jack Neary, New Century Theatre
"The Shit Stirring Machine" by Ronan Noone, Bad Habits Theatre Company
"Girls Plays" by Masha Obolensky, Boston Center For American Performance
"Motel Therapy" by Cliff Odle, Company One
"And Clouds Made of Bones" by William Orem, Salem Theatre Company
"Quiet Killers" by Kristin Palmer, Stoneham Theatre
"Go to Helen Hunt for It" by Rick Park, Phoenix Theatre
"And I Did" by Bruce Post, Orfeo Theatre
"Cheeky Bastard" by Ted Reinstein
"Pressing" by March Schrader, Boston Playwrights’ Theatre
"Leavetaking" by Barbara Schweitzer, Wheelock Family Theatre
"Total Expression" by Marisa Smith, Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theatre
"Wasteland" by Katherine Snodgrass, Huntington Theatre Company
"Talky Talk" by George Spelvin, Rough & Tumble Theatre
"Koi" by Ellen Davis Sullivan, Lyric Stage Company
"Missing" by Cathy Tempelsman, Village Theatre Project
"Loaves and Fishes" by Michael Towers, Gurnet Theatre Project
"Pseudoephedrine" by Ken Urban, Pilgrim Theatre And Collaborative
"Open Position" by Christl Watters, Wellesley Summer Theatre

For tickets, call 617-933-8600. or visit

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