Devanaughn Theatre's 5th Annual Dragonfly Festival

17 New Plays To Ignite the Imagination

Devanaughn Theatre will celebrate the finale of its 5th Anniversary Season with its trademark annual event: The Dragonfly Festival.  Following a critically acclaimed season, this year's Festival will feature 17 unique short plays written by playwrights from throughout the country and abroad. 

With the talent and insight of 10 of Boston’s finest directors, this showcase will serve as an invigorating celebration of playwrights and their inventive new works, from dark to delirious. Starting with more than 220 submissions, Devanaughn staff culled a final list of 17 pieces featuring 35 accomplished actors.   All performances are at the Piano Factory, at 791 Tremont Street in Boston’s South End.

Dragonfly Festival Line Up
Each week includes 8 - 9 plays.  Each play is presented at all 4 performances each week: Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m.; Sunday at 3 p.m.

Week A: May 10-13

"21st Century Romance" by Ralph Tropf
Boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl entirely over voicemail.

"A Member of the Bar" by Theodore Rickard
How to win a verdict and lose the case.

"Lie to Me" by Christopher Lockheardt
She isn't him asking for much. She just wants him to do one simple thing.

"Measuring Matthew" by Patrick Gabridge
When Matthew’s obsession with numbers and Jennifer drive him to the edge of desperation, his salvation rests in the hands of his next door neighbor.  A quirky comedy of neuroses.

"Objective" by Peter M. Floyd
Len is determined to be even-handed, even if it kills him. Which it just might do.

"Ordinary Tuesday" by Shannon Murdock
On an ordinary Tuesday, in an ordinary kitchen. A whack on the head with a saucepan leads two ordinary people to contemplate the extraordinary.

"Pepper" by Rich Herstek
Some secrets you just can't keep bottled up inside.  Especially with a mother who won't let well-enough alone.

"That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles" by Patricia Milton
Bud's had a long, hard day. Who ate the middles from his Oreo cookies? And why is his wife quoting Moby Dick?

"The Wish" by Peter M. Floyd
You know the drill: Rub the magic lamp, and the genie will appear to grant you a wish. Just don't get your hopes up

Week B: May 17-20

"For Dillon" by Carol Ailes Lockwood
A teenage boy dies in a car crash. Accident or intentional?  Meet the people who surrounded him.

"Helluva Poker Face" by Christopher Lockheardt
A good poker face can hide many secrets. But the cards never lie.

"Moment" by Matthew Haldeman
Four people. Two conversations. One Moment.

"More Pasta" by Leon Kaye
For an old-fashioned Italian mother, too much nutritional information is NOT a good thing.

"Murphy the Cat" by Lia Romeo
A man and a woman meet on top of a tall building.  Will it be suicide or love?

"Not on My Watch" by David Schrag
Love and romance circa 2010: Boy’s gadget meets girl’s gadget.

"Saver" by Mark Harvey Levine
The old man seems to be "not all there" anymore.  So where is he?

"Surprise" by Mark Harvey Levine
Peter is a psychic who can only see two minutes into the future.  Unfortunately, this just gives him the ability to drive his girlfriend nuts.

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