New Production Company Debuts
With Two New Plays

Bare Minimum Productions is debuting at The Boston Center for the Arts with two new plays --“Gender Bender” and “Dear Daddy, Love Cassie” -- along with a dedication to bring young people back into the theater.

According to Anne Continelli, Producing Director and cofounder of Bare Minimum, “The ‘Friends’ generation doesn’t go to live theater. They go to movies. And the reason for this is simple: movies are always different -- new scripts, new concepts. Movies don’t recycle the same 50 scripts over and over. Why does theater?”

Cofounder Deb Malone echoes Continelli’s thoughts, stating, “For a town that is surrounded by Emerson, BU, Boston Conservatory, it is appalling to note the lack of original works being produced. As an actor I would much rather do work that is original by someone from this area -- someone who has a fresh, new voice and a new perspective. The challenge is doing the role for the first time. Few actors get to experience this, and it is a crying shame.”

While some may argue Continelli’s contention that movies are “always different,” the passion of Bare Minimum's dedication is evident.

In “Gender Bender,” Mormon missionaries, middle-aged parents and a modern, young couple collide. Like many farces, this is a story of misunderstandings. David and Betty are trying to hide the fact that they are living together. His parents, however, would be thrilled to know that he is living with a woman as they think he is gay. Mormon missionaries come calling, a board game called Gender Bender is brought out and revelations abound.

“Gender Bender” features Deb Malone, Jonathan Overby, Jeremy Banks, Geoff Hawes, Anne Freund, Jon Barron and Kate Graycar. Continelli is directing the production. Performance dates are October 21 - November 5 at the BCA’s Black Box Theatre.

In Scarlett Ridgway Savage’s “Dear Daddy, Love Cassie,” traces the path of a young woman who, surviving a suicide attempt, struggles to come to grips with some of the horrors of her childhood by writing to her long-dead father.

The Portsmouth Herald commented, “it’s funny, often painful, even brutal . . . its mystery pulls you in, its angst adds to the tension and both are blended with enough humor to keep your skin from full-blown hives.”

“Cassie” features Chris Savage, Christine Frydenborg and Tim Dargon. Savage will direct. Performance dates for “Dear Daddy” are October 20 - November 5, also at the Black Box Theatre.

For tickets, information and performance times, call 617-933-8600 or visit

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