WHAT Presents New England Premiere
of "Immoral Imperatives"

Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater continues its season with the New England Premiere of Jeffrey Sweet’s "Immoral Imperatives." Playing September 9 - 25, "Immoral Imperatives" tells the tale of Hank, a retired professor, and his younger wife, Terri, who move to the Florida Keys, where they invite old friend, Dale, to live with them. Hank’s impotence forces his wife to seek sexual fulfillment elsewhere – so Hank suggests that Dale become Terri’s gigolo. The arrangement sparks complications when Dale’s former girlfriend, Liz, shows up for a reconciliation.

Sweet explains, "'Immoral Imperatives' started as a story told by a character in one of my other plays. Every night, that story got big laughs from the audience. This made me think that there might be a play in that story. As I started writing, however, it became more emotional, and evolved into a kind of love story. 'Immoral Imperatives' is a play that surprised me as I was writing it.”

"Immoral Imperatives" stars noted character actor Malachi Throne (best known for his role as Noah Bain on "It Takes a Thief," as well as appearances in such TV shows as "The West Wing," "Star Trek: The Next Generation," "Law & Order" and "Babylon 5") as Hank; Laura Esterman as Terri; W. T. Martin (making his WHAT debut) as Dale and Tanya Clarke as Liz. James Glossman will direct.

For tickets, call 508-349-6835 or visit www.what.org.

-- OnStage Boston


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