Nora Theatre Opens Season
With "Antigone"

Sophocles Classic To Be Adapted By Richard McElvain

Mary C. Huntington, Artistic Director of The Nora Theatre Company, has announced that The Nora will present Sophocles’ "Antigone" in a new adaptation by award-winning actor and accomplished playwright, Richard McElvain. The production is set for a run at Boston Playwrights’ Theatre from September 16 - October 3.  Daniel Gidron directs.

When faced with a fundamental threat to the security of a nation, at what point does the state's safety take precedence over the individual freedoms and personal consciences of its citizens?  When does a government overreach its task?  Can a leader admit he's wrong? 

This gritty new adaptation of "Antigone" will examine the timeless themes of loyalty, patriotism and personal morality as a young woman follows her heart and defies the law of the land. 

McElvain, an Elliot Norton Award-winning actor, has been writing, translating and adapting plays for the past thirty years.  His most recent projects include adaptations of "The Miser" and "Le Bourgeoise Gentilhomme." 

“I think it's imperative to explore the themes of this play during this election year,” said McElvain.  "In the character of Creon, we have an overreaching leader who cannot admit any mistakes, and is willing to compromise the rights of individuals to advance his political and personal agenda.  The consequences of his choices are staggering.  Additionally, I am fascinated by the larger theme of self-knowledge.  The important thing in life is to know who we are and why we try to do things.”

Huntington added, “Several theaters have recently or are now presenting productions of Greek plays.  I don't think it's a coincidence.  The Greek playwrights mercilessly examined our human nature, including especially our destructive impulses.  We turn to these remarkable playwrights now for sustenance and glimpses into ourselves as we witness the disturbing course of current events and our reactions to them.”
Daniel Gidron, director of last season's critically acclaimed "Full Gallop" at The Nora, is at the helm of a cast of eight, including Marianna Bassham in the title role and McElvain as Creon. 

Augmenting its regular performances, Nora Theatre has scheduled the following special event nights:
Wine Wednesdays
Complimentary wine tastings follow the performances on Wednesday, September 22 and 29.
Talk backs
Post-performance discussions with Richard McElvain follow the performances on Thursday, September 23 and 30.
Boston Playwrights’ Theatre is located at 949 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston. For tickets and further information, call the Nora Box Office at 617-491-2026 or Ticketmaster at 617-931-2000.

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