“The Male Intellect: an oxymoron”

Robert Dubac Stars at The Shubert, January 28 - February 9

“What do women want?”

Actor/writer Robert Dubac ransacks his brain to answer that age-old question in “The Male Intellect: an oxymoron,” a comical examination of male-female relationships coming to The Shubert Theatre for a limited run beginning January 28.

Dubac plays a multitude of characters in this clever one-man combination of theater and stand-up comedy that celebrates the differences between the sexes.

Dubac, who enjoyed a sold-out nine month run at The Stuart Street Playhouse in 1997, has toured the country for seven years with this show. Dubbed everything from “thought provoking” to “brilliant,” the show opens with the lead character, Bobby, in a confused state. He’s found the girl of his dreams and having asked her to marry him, is subsequently dumped.

Unable to figure out what happened, he recalls some not-so-wise but quite funny advice he received while growing up with five chauvinistic male mentors. Dubac seamlessly transforms himself into the alter egos, each offering unique and highly misguided counsel.

Over the 90 minute journey, you’ll meet:

The Colonial -- who insists that the key to what women want is honesty. Hence, all men should admit they’re boneheads.

Jean-Michel -- who says communication is what women want. Therefore, communications with double-talk and mindless metaphors is acceptable as long as you do it with a sexy accent.

Old Mr. Linger -- A 123-year-old bachelor who believes women want a sense of humor. However, he’s on an endless search for his own perfect women -- a mermaid.

Ronnie Cabrezzi -- who knows women want sensitivity. However, he can’t stop laughing at his girlfriend when she unloads a stream of obscenities aim at his lack of compassion.

and Fast Eddie -- who gives women what they want -- passion! But he doles it out from the fast lane, professing men have to “love ‘em fast and leave ‘em first.”

For information, call 1-800-447-7400 or stop by the Shubert box office, 265 Tremont Street in Boston.

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